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Better late than never. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the Across Mini - our hands-free case for iPad Mini. We have them in stock and ready to go, but we do not have too many, especially in colors. 

Re colors and materials:

Genuine full grain leather cases (GL) come in Black, Super Pink and Sunny Yellow. The colored ones come with two straps: the regular nylon, 1" -wide one, and the 1/2" leather strap with a metal polished buckle. Clearly, this is for the ladies. Enjoy!
Synthetic leather cases (SL) come in Black, Confident Red and Navy Blue. Black is black, and Red and Navy are definitely unisex, without any surprises.

 On the picture below: bottom three are leather, top three are synthetic. The camera slightly over-saturated the colors.

Go to the product page for more pics.

All nylon straps come have color-coordinated leather or synthetic trim.

As you can see on pictures, the Mini case has only two grommets and not four. Works just as well thanks to the small size of the Mini, so you can comfortably type with thumbs. Attaching the strap to only one grommet works great when you need the iPad in the portrait mode. 

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Apologies for the typo in the recent newsletter. "Without", not "witout". Oops.

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