• Red leather case with shoulder strap for iPad Pro 12.9
  • Brown premium leather backpack for iPad Pro
  • Mobile desk for iPad - free your hands!

Leather cases for iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5, 11 and 12.9" 2018, Air 3 2019, Mini 5 are made in Italy! 

ACROSS hands-free iPad case with shoulder strap

Hands-free iPad case Across from Strotter


What is this about? Introducing  ACROSS and PLATFORMA -  two products that allow you to work on your iPad tablet while standing up - hands free. By "hands free" we mean using both hands to operate the device. The iPad is cleverly suspended by a shoulder strap, you do not have to hold it. "Free your hands", as our slogan says. ACROSS is a tight fitting flat case, and PLATFORMA is a convertible vertical messenger bag. You can wear both as backpacks, too. The transformation takes just seconds. You have to watch the videos to understand how our bags and cases work. You will be surprised. Promise. 

iPad Pro case with shoulder strap. For mobile professional.

Who uses our products? Our customers are frequent travelers, commuters of all kinds, medical professionals, students, teachers, photographers, architects, journalists, motorcyclists, pilots, construction and survey personnel, field sales staff, real estate agents, home inspectors, property appraisers, insurance adjusters, Matterport users, even DJs and musicians - anyone who needs a convenient carry option, instant access, an ability to use the tablet without a desk, and a "preventive protection" of a suspended case. We take pride in combining functionality with simple, elegant design and meticulous craftsmanship. Our cases and bags are equally at home in the field and in the boardroom. 

PLATFORMA iPad messenger bag

Leather messenger bag for iPad Platforma from Strotter


People are saying:

06/10/2020 Ulrica E.:

Excellent handicraft, smart and easy to use

Awesome product! Lovely leather case (just the scent of it!), will probably age to look even better with use. A smart, easy adjustable and comfy strap, the case is very easy to handle. A few colleagues have already asked where I bought it so I guess you will sell a couple more to Sweden soon. :-)

06/06/2018 Kathy H.:

Strotter Across for iPad

This is my second Strotter. I bought my first in 2013 and it is still is working for me, it just looks a little worse for wear since I have dripped paint all over it. I paint murals and the fact that it is 'hands free' is invaluable to me! It allows me to hold on to a ladder with one hand with a paint brush in the other. If I don't have the strap around my neck I use it to secure my iPad to the ladder or scaffold for easy photo reference. Thanks for keeping my iPad safe and making my job easier!

Kathy H. muralsbykathy.com 

07/27/2020 Neil B.:

Ultimate combination of elegant function and style

I've owned my Platforma for about a year now. I had recently started a new job and was scouring the internet looking for a bag that would allow me to use my Surface Pro 6 in the way I envisioned in order for me to efficiently fulfill my job duties. I was specifically looking for (1) hands free carry, (2) quick access to the Surface, (3) a simple way to easily type and/or write, and (4) look good doing all that. All the other solutions I found on the internet were too generic, too complex, or not as well executed. So I was very pleased to find Strotter and that the Platforma met every single one of my requirements. It has been worth every penny.

Whether walking, riding, or driving; from construction sites to the office; swinging by the ball field or attending church; this bag does it all, carries it all, and looks better than anything else anyone else is carrying.
I was also very pleased with the prompt personal pre-customer service from Serge when I had some initial questions about the Platforma fitting my Surface Pro 6.
No hesitation at all in recommending the Strotter brand and specifically the Platforma.

Neil B.

Are we making cases for 11 and 12.9" 2020 iPad Pro?
April 10, 2020

... The good news that we continue to ship our remaining stock of 11" and 12.9" iPad Pro cases from 2018. We do not have many left. We are almost out of the 12.9" 3rd gen (2018)...

Leather swatches for iPad Pro cases 2018 2020

Competition in hands-free cases for iPads.
January 04, 2020

Since we do a lot of research in our field, perhaps we could save you some time. Strotter does not sell cheap iPad cases. We sell the high-end products. But there are numerous companies selling barebones, cheap plastic cases claiming to have similar functionality.

Parts of the iPad hands free case. Simple Assembly required.

Amazon's Choice
November 17, 2019

...Type in "hands-free iPad case" and you will be presented with an endless array of choices. Most are cheap sub-$20 and even $10 cases from overseas sellers who somehow have tons of extremely positive and enthusiastic reviews. Also, there are "sponsored" listings in the mix...

Red leather case for iPad Pro 12.9 - made in Italy

New iPad model released: 10.2” iPad (7th generation)...
September 12, 2019

...Making things even more confusing. If you have questions about which specific case you need or even what iPad model to buy, do not hesitate to ask us. IPad Pro 12.9” carrying case with strap worn as backpack