Messenger bag for rumored 13-inch iPad Pro, Macbook Air

Posted on July 21, 2014 by Strotter Support | 2 Comments

We are in the final stages of design of a bigger and better version of the Platforma bag. We will make it lighter, simplify some things. We will most likely add a handle so that it would be easier to pick up and carry the bag. We are considering adding an extra buckle in addition to magnets (which you could close for extra security). We will likely change the strap to a 2" wide webbing, just like your car seat belt, to reduce pressure on shoulder. 

We considering two versions: smooth ballistic nylon with minimal leather trim, and a 80/20 leather/nylon bag (similar to the original Platforma).  

We need your feedback and input. In comments, please write what you want to see in the new bag. This is your chance to influence the design.  Your opinion seriously matters. 

Chime in, please.

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Serge at strotter
Serge at strotter

August 17, 2014

Frank, thanks for posting. The bag will fit 13" devices. It will definitely not be 13" wide. The current bag was designed specifically for what it does.

Not sure how clasps could be undoing themselves. Never experienced it before. We can send replacement clips if yours happen to be defective. I wrote a personal email to you also.

Shoulder pad: debated it during design. Decided against it, as it interferes with the functionality and also wears out garments- suits for example. Btw, the strap is made from the same material as car seat belts. (Same factory that supplies belts to Mercedes Benz cars). It is slippery, yes. Cheap, no. It slides well, edges do not fray (as cheap ones do).

Thanks again for your feedback. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help – we stand by our products.

Frank F. Wieler
Frank F. Wieler

August 15, 2014

My comment about making a larger case.
(I am assuming that you mean it will be 13" wide)

All I can say it is about time, the bag is perfect, but it has 3 problems. First and foremost, SIZE, it has always been to small in the width, I take files and binders with me to see my clients and they do not fit inside. 2nd problem, I have lost the case more that once because of the clasps at the end of the strap where it meets the bag.The problem is when I put the bag on my shoulder and it is just not sitting correctly I put my hand at the bottom of the strap where it joins the bag and lift to straighten it and guess what, my hand slides up the strap and undoes the clasp and the bag falls to the ground. (well I have trained myself not to do this and I was lucky that nothing broke that was inside of the case) And the final item which is small but I think it is worth mentioning, the strap is cheap no padding or grip, sometimes I only put the strap on my shoulder and not over my head, it doesn’t take long for the strap to slide off.

Really these are all minor points with the exception of the size, but if all my points were taken into consideration and corrected it would be a perfect bag.

And what do I do for a living you might ask? I am a designer not of bags or garments, but other items of comfort, furniture, spaces and buildings.
(detail to me is everything, without it there is nothing but a generalization)

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