ACROSS for iPad Mini 4 | 5 2019

The carrying case with a shoulder strap for iPad Mini 4, 5 2019.

protects your tablet from a fall, and lets you work while standing up. Just like the original Across for the full-size iPad, it converts into a sling-type mini-backpack or a cross-body bag. Across for the Mini is available in genuine cowhide or synthetic leather. The case has two connection points - grommets for the strap. You can clip the shoulder strap to one or both grommets.  (Cases for full-size iPad have four grommets - one at each corner). Please note: leather versions in colors come with not one, but two straps: the regular one inch-wide  black nylon strap with color-coordinated leather trim and with a 1/2"-wide elegant leather belt. Quantities are extremely limited.  


  • Across for iPad Mini 4 and 5 is a hands-free tablet carrying case, sling mini backpack and stand. 

  • Protects your iPad from a fall.
  • Fits iPad models A1538, A1550, A2133, A2124, A2126, A2125. 
  • Will not fit earlier models: Mini 1 through 3.
  • Allows to work standing up, both in a landscape and in portrait modes.
  • Slim, simple, elegant design.
  • Premium quality.
  • Tight custom fit.
  • All ports fully accessible.
  • Protects camera lens when not in use.
  • Genuine full grain cowhide - or synthetic leather.
  • High quality polished and plated hardware.
  • Microfiber suede lining protects the screen.
  • Reliable hook and loop closure.
  • Seat-belt material of the shoulder strap is light and strong.
  • Special sliding buckle for a step-less one-hand-one-motion strap adjustment.
  • The strap length is roughly 60" clip to clip. The strap fits most body types, as it is adjustable on both ends.
  • Wear it as a mini-messenger bag, a shoulder bag or as a backpack. Or simply carry as  portfolio, or a clutch.
  • Takes just seconds to change from a cross-body carry mode to backpack to hands-free mode.
  • Thin enough to wear you iPad under clothing.
  • Smartly folds to give you an incline when working at a desk. You have two options here.
  • Works as a stand for watching movies.
  • Accepts credit card readers, like Square, to turn your iPad into a mobile POS. 


Does the case fit all iPad Mini models?  This case only fits the latest Mini 4. We have discontinued the earlier models. However, we can produce them for you if needed.  

The color of the case... Is it the same same in real life as what I see on my monitor? It depends on the monitor. The navy and red colors of the synthetic cases are safe, darker colors, subdued and pretty stock, so to say. The blacks are black with no surprises. The Sunny Yellow is a bright, bold yellow, sort of the color of an egg yolk. Looks stunning. The Super Pink  has a magenta hue. It is also bold and beautiful.  (Update: all of these were sold out. Write to us if you would like a case in color).

Will other than iPad Mini tablets fit into this case?  The case is made specifically for the iPad Mini. Other tablets will not work with it. We do however have cases for all iPads except the first gen.

Can I charge my iPad without taking it out of Across? Yes. All ports are accessible and align perfectly. Across fits your iPad like a fine leather glove.

What kind of leather do you use? Genuine itailan cowhide, specially treated for water resistance and to eliminate the dye bleeding (it will not rub off).

I have an Otterbox, Incase, Lifeproof, etc. case. Can I put my iPad in that case into Across? No, it will not fit. The iPad has to go in naked.

Can I take photos without taking out the iPad out of the case? Yes, absolutely. You can fold the case in a way that the camera lens is exposed with the flap neatly held in place by Velcro.

How do I correctly adjust the length of the strap? First, you slide the cam plastic buckle with a little tongue all the way down (to lengthen the strap to the max). Then adjust the other end of the strap so that your iPad is somewhere at the belly button level when worn as a "mobile desk" for hands-free use. This will also position your iPad correctly on your back when worn as a backpack. You may want to tuck in the free end of the strap into the loop. This end of the strap is meant to be set only once. Then you only use the "quick-adjust" sliding buckle to change the length.


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