Cases for iPad Air, Air 2, Mini 4, Pro 12.9" and 9.7" are coming!

Posted on March 21, 2016 by Strotter Support | 1 Comment

Leather iPad case made in Italy


We have some very exciting news!

Cases for all iPad models, including the latest and greatest iPad Pro 9.7" (aka iPad Air 3) are finally coming mid to late May. 

All leather cases are now made in Italy. I came back from the factory in Firenze a week ago and new Acrosses are going to be dramatically awesome

We will make the cases available for pre-order within a week or so. We will notify you separately. Please make sure to add yourself to the mailing list at the bottom of any page of this site. (We do not send annoying junk, ever. Promise). 

Stay tuned.

Across Case for 12.9" iPad Pro are here

ACROSS for iPad Mini

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Ken White
Ken White

March 26, 2016

I don’t really use my Ipad Pro very much as it is difficult to carry and its size makes it awkward – just plain weird. I believe the Pro has been a little bit of a failure because it didn’t have a thoughtful carry case.

Again, there is NO case for the Ipad Pro like the one I use on the Ipad Air (your case). I still carry the Ipad Air, constantly, with wild abandon, as long it is nestled in your masterful leather cocoon. I will buy your case for the Ipad Pro and give the Ipad Pro one more shot and use it for a while. If your case doesn’t help the Ipad Pro then eBay is the next stopping point for it.

There is another, more muscular version of the Ipad Air coming out, and I will probably buy it. I hope you have updated your case to support it too. I will be knocking on your door to get it.

I would prefer having the pen attached to the new case for the Ipad Pro, but it would have to be transparently there and not in the way, otherwise, I can just put the pen in my pocket protector (yes, I am one of those).

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