Messenger Bags for iPad

Our PLATFORMA bags do not just look the look. Every bag features an adjustable shoulder strap and turns into a mobile desk in two seconds, letting you use your iPad even when standing up - with both hands free to type. You can also wear the bag as a sleek backpack: all you do is swing the bag back, pull the buckle to tighten the strap - again, all in two seconds.
iPad leather messenger bag: award winning  Platforma from Strotter
from $175.00
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Platforma LT messenger bag for iPad.
$150.00 $140.00 - Sold Out PLATFORMA LT
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iPad leather messenger bag - Platforma G
$225.00 $189.00 - Sold Out PLATFORMA G
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Interface plastic shell cover for iPad Air - black
from $19.99 Snap-on magnetic cover (shell case) for tablets
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