Useful tips when using Strotter iPad cases and bags

If you bought the Across. Be careful when inserting the iPad into the case. DO NOT FORCE IT IN. The fit is very tight; the on/off switch of the iPad may catch onto the lining of the case. If this happens, pull back a little, and "wiggle" the iPad in. Try inserting it at an angle. Once you pass the sticking point, gently slide the iPad all the way in. You then may use a credit card to straighten the volume control opening if needed. When removing the iPad from the case, watch again for the on/off switch opening catching onto the switch itself. Do not force the iPad out.
When closing the case or folding it into a stand to fully engage the Velcro press on the flap and try moving it back and forth alongside the Velcro strips of the case body. Velcro engages better when hooks move a little relatively to the loops.
There are several ways of how to fold the case into a stand for typing and watching movies - look closer at the Across photos.

If you bought the Platforma. Do check from time to time that your iPad is fully latched in the plastic snap-on cover. Just press on all four corners when putting the iPad onto the back wall of the bag.

If you need to see how to "operate" Platforma or Across when used as a mobile desk or how to wear it as a backpack, please go to and watch the videos. There is a short learning curve; you will be a pro in no time.


Does Platforma bag support iPad Air? Yes! Also, read about other tablets below.

Do you sell the Across case for iPad Air? Yes.

How about a case for iPad Mini? Check back around July 1st.

What's in a name? STROTTER means Street Trotter. 

Do you ship internationally? Yes, we ship worldwide.

Are you bags and cases available at brick-and-mortar retailers? Not at the moment. When you order from us here, you will usually receive your products within 2-3 business days (within the US). We offer a generous 45 days return policy. Try our products risk free! We do offer Priority Express option, as well.

What payment forms do you accept? We take major credit cards and Paypal. For large orders we may take checks, wire transfers, etc. 

What about international payments? We prefer Paypal for international transactions. If you pay with a credit card, we may verify orders from some countries additionally: we may ask you to send us a photo of a credit card together with a photo of your ID, such as a driver's license or a passport. Please contact us regarding Western Union, wire transfers, etc. We will work with you.

What is the warranty policy? Strotter products come with a lifetime warranty. Damage from abuse, normal wear and tear don't count. The warranty does not cover contents of bags and cases. If you have any problems with our products, at any time, please let us know, we will do our best to help you. We do check every bag and case before shipping it. We stand by our products.

I have seen the video of Platforma. How does the iPad stay on the back of the bag? When you buy Platforma, you also get the polycarbonate hard case (cover) that the iPad snaps into. This plastic case has four magnets on it. The back wall of the bag also has four magnets under its fabric. When placed on the back wall of the bag, the iPad clings to the bag.

Is it safe? Yes, it is. Your iPad is securely held by Neodymium magnets. You can turn the bag upside down (see video at the product page), the iPad will not fall off.

Are magnets on the bag visible? No, all magnets are hidden under the fabric.

Do magnets cause interference with anything? We have done extensive testing. The functionality of the tablets was not affected in any way*. WiFi, GPS, and cellular radio work as usual. No problems in operation. Speed and signal strength were intact There are a couple of things you should know. Magnets cause interference with the built in compass, and understandably so. While all your credit cards are fine, as tested by us and our customers, some hotel magnetic cards are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields and should not be carried in the bag or in the pockets in contact with the bag (but then again, hotel cards are sensitive to anything). * The auto on/off feature of the iPad Air+SmartCover combo is not working correctly when used with our magnetic snap-on case due to the sensor placement pattern in the iPad Air (iPad Air only). Please turn off Auto On/Off  in settings>general/Lock/Unlock if this is a problem.

If you are wearing a medical device sensitive to magnetic fields, such as a pacemaker, please do not use the bag.

Platforma looks sort of small. What can I realistically carry in it? Platforma is about 12 x 9 x 2.75 inches on the outside. We did a lot of research, and produced several iterations until we settled on the current form-factor. Our customers say we nailed it size-wise. It looks very proportionate. It fits more than one thinks it would: an iPad (possibly in a case - Across or other), a book, a flat lunch box, eyeglasses in a case, charger(s), a camera (not a full size DLSR with lens attached, of course), a bottle of water or a small umbrella, and more. A standard size magazine fits in the back pocket. I personally have taken overnight trips with Platforma as my only bag. It held a pair of socks, underwear, a fresh shirt, toiletries and things from the list above. People told us they were skeptical about the bag's capacity, but Platforma became their main everyday bag, iPad or not.

What about the pockets? There are two zippered pockets on the front flap of the Platforma. The upper runs the whole length of the flap to fit your scarf or gloves. The lower is meant to carry smaller things. There are two pockets under the flap - also zippered. One of these is big enough to fit an iPad. Another is shallow, so that you do not need to fish for things. As mentioned above, there is also a magazine pocket on the back wall. The iPad enjoys its own dedicated pocket inside the bag. The bright red lining is not just a fashion statement. It helps you see the contents of the bag better. The material of the lining - high density nylon - is strong, smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Will other than iPad tablets fit into Across (Like my Nexus / Samsung Galaxy / Microsoft Surface?) Currently, we only make Acrosses for all iPads. We are considering expanding the line. Drop us a note if you want your tablet included.

Can I charge my iPad without taking it out of Across? Yes. All ports are accessible and align perfectly. Across fits your iPad like a fine leather glove.

Which tablets does Platforma work with? The bag will fit many other tablets and netbooks. We currently have snap-on covers (backings, cases) with magnets for  iPad Air, iPads 2,3,4, iPad Mini and for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Note 10.1. We are working on adding other tablets. And you can help by talking to us. If you have a plastic case, we may be able to attach magnets to it. Ask us. We are a small company; we will work with you.

Does MacBook Air 11" fit in Platforma? It does. it is 1/4 inch taller than the inside of the bag, but the flap closes fine.

Does iPad Pro 12.9"  fit in Platforma? Not in the original Platforma. 

Does an 8x11 legal pad fit? Yes, an 8x11 legal pad fits just fine, and a similarly-sized file folder fits OK, with the tab top bending a little.

What about an A4 format? It fits, but sticks out just a bit. The flap closes fine.

The bags and cases seem relatively expensive? They are not cheap because they are well made from quality materials. We pay extreme attention to details. We have narrow tolerances and very strict QA standards. Think Gucci or Bruno Magli shoes vs. Walmart variety. That's why. 

You say "designed in Boston". Yes, the bags and cases were originally designed in Boston. Then the company moved to Palm Coast, FL.

Where are the bags and cases made, though? Synthetic cases and Platformas are made in China and assembled here in the US. This is a touchy topic for me. I tried very hard to find a factory in the US to make the bags and cases. I visited several. Some simply could not make the bags because they did not have proper machinery. Some plainly said they could not deliver the quality. And one was so expensive, their production cost would be higher than current retail prices. So I went to China. It took four attempts to find the right factory. I lived in China for three months while the bags were being made. That factory manufactures bags for some very well-known high-end fashion houses (no, cannot tell you). Still, I was on the factory floor almost every day, making sure things go well. This is a separate story, possibly a book. As of 2015 all leather cases are made in Florence, Italy.

What kind of leather do you use? Genuine full grain cow hide, specially treated for water resistance and to eliminate the dye bleeding (it will not rub off). This applies to both Platforma and Across.

Do you work with wholesalers and retailers? Please talk to us. 

Do you have a Facebook page? Yes, we do - like us there:


Interesting facts

Countries involved in one way or another in making the products: USA, Italy, China (many provinces and cities there - production, some components), Korea (components and materials), Vietnam (components), Taiwan(components, materials), Hong Kong (some materials, sourcing, was my base for some time), Japan (components, materials), Germany (seat belt webbing factory headquarters), UK (consultation).

Time from the initial idea to the product delivery: 22 months.

My weight loss while in China: more than 15 lbs: from 175 to below 160.

My luggage when I travel: one carry-on and a Platforma.

The most memorable city: Hong Kong.

P.S. Special thanks to iPhoneLife Magazine for their help.
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