Hands-free iPad cases


Meet the ACROSS - our hands-free iPad carrying case with a shoulder strap. The smart strap attachment turns the iPad into a mobile desk and lets you use your tablet anywhere - even when standing up - with both hands free to type. An adjustable shoulder strap with a special buckle and leather trim is included with every case. We have cases for all iPad models, including the newest iPad Pro 9.7" and 12.9" and Mini 4. 

We meticulously design our cases for both functionlity and aesthetics. They are light, sturdy, protective and great looking. We use the best quality leather and synthetics, microfiber, plastic and metal hardware. Our leather cases are made in Italy. 

iPad Pro 12.9 Carrying Case with Strap - Across by Strotter.
from $199.95
ACROSS for iPad Pro 12.9"
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Carrying case with shoulder strap for iPad Pro 9.7". Turns into a mobile desk.
from $89.00
ACROSS for iPad Pro 9.7"
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Leather case/cover for iPad Pro 9.7" - made in Italy
from $79.99
ACROSS for iPad Air 1-2
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ACROSS  case for iPad Mini from Strotter.
from $79.00
ACROSS for iPad Mini 4
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Leather iPad case ACROSS from Strotter
from $79.00
ACROSS for iPad 2-4
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