We are back from MacWorld-iWorld 2013 in San Francisco

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To say that it went well would be an understatement! We absolutely positively totally rocked!

Our Platforma received the coveted MacObserver Editor's choice award! People LOVED our products! People liked Us! They were standing there watching us work the bags like we were Cirque Du Soleil. People liked everything about our bags - functionality, ease of use, looks, quality of materials, craftsmanship... The bags were sold out early. We had several interviews with the press. Retailers, distributors, shop owners wanted us... Our booth was one of the best looking! Our girls were the best!! They stopped traffic with their looks, enthusiasm, smiles and smooth demo performances!:) 

All in all it was [...] awesome! I am excited. I am proud!
People were suggesting new uses for our Across cases. The most interesting idea was to hang the iPad on Honda Goldwing motorcycle pilot's back so that the pillion rider (passenger) could watch movies, etc when riding. (Goldwing folks are known for riding really long distances. Passengers need to occupy themselves).
Photographers liked our cases because they could instantly see the last shot on the iPad's screen when shooting with Wi-Fi enabled SD cards (Eye-Fi cards); no need to hold the iPad, and no danger of it falling.
A home inspector expressed his interest, and asked me to develop a similar solution for the Mini. Will do.
Another interesting scenario was a deaf gentleman who uses his iPad to communicate with the world. He liked the fact that with Arcoss the iPad was suspended, and he could simply hand it to other people, without any danger of the tablet falling down.
Teachers and doctors, lawyers and restaurant owners (they had waiters using the iPads) were very interested in our products.
What really pleased me was what people were saying about the quality of our products. We heard things like "Finally, someone does it the right way", "Unusual in our day and age",  "Thank you for caring and paying attention", "Honey, just look at the lining...leather...zippers...OMG, check out the buckle!"... LOL! . It felt great, i have to admit.
Video shot by folks from tidbits.com
Some pictures from the show are right here; for more go to our Facebook Page. Don't forget to like us there. 

Strotter Platforma Bag – Review by Julie Kuehl from mymac.com

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