FINALLY: Across for iPad Air is available for pre-order

Posted on February 06, 2014 by Strotter Support | 3 Comments

As you know, we at Strotter do not post often. When we do, that's because we really have something to say. So... Without further ado:

We are taking pre-orders for the Across case that works with the iPad Air. The estimated shipping date is March 20th.

Our CEO Serge is personally flying to China to make sure things go as planned at the factory.  As before, the new Across will be available in two options: genuine leather (GL) and a more affordable synthetic leather version (SL). Right now the prices are $129 and $79 respectively. They may go up a bit after the official launch.


When can I buy it? You can pre-order it now.
When will I get it? Estimated shipping date is 3/20.
Where can I buy it? Right here at
Should I wait until you have them in stock? Up to you. We may run out, the first shipment will not be huge. Also, prices prices may go up a little. Update as of 02/07: We strongly encourage you to reserve your Across now. There is a chance we will sell out, based on the interest we see..
What if I change my mind after I pay? No problem. We will fully refund your money. You will also have 45 days after you receive the case to return the product if you do not like it.
Will you deliver on the 20th of March? Very-very likely. We say it is a 91% probability.  In either case, your money is safe, and you can cancel at any moment. But we promise it will be worth the wait.
What about colors other than black? Black will remain, but we may introduce other colors as well. When placing an order, please indicate the color that you would want. Just add it to the comments field. We cannot promise we will have the Across in the color of your choice, but there is a chance we might. We will be working with the factory very closely, so we'll have more flexibility. That said, you need to be ready to take the black case. 
What about Across for the Mini? We will likely make some samples. The design of the Mini case is a bit different than the full-size one.
If you have some suggestions, we are listening. Now is the time. Just post them here in comments. 
We will keep you updated on the progress here. 

We are starting to ship Acrosses for iPad Air today!

Our iPad cases are solving real life problems. Update on iPad Air (11/18): Snap-on covers are here - as promised!

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fb demorcy
fb demorcy

January 14, 2015

What about Across for iPad Air 2 cases ? When can we preorder ?


April 24, 2014

The case you bought was designed specifically for the ipad Air, that’s the model your associate has. You have an ipad 4. And yes, we do have a case for you. Called “across GL for iPad 2-4”. Fits like a glove.

Carol Stafford
Carol Stafford

April 24, 2014

I purchased an “Across” for iPad Air and it definitely did not fit. My Ipad is a 13.2 GB/version 7.1, and is thicker than the a version 7.0.6 which I was able to sell to an associate. I love the case and want one that will fits my iPad Air version 7.1. I understand it is to be tight, but it was too tight. Any suggestions? Thanks, Carol Stafford

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