Our iPad cases are solving real life problems. Update on iPad Air (11/18): Snap-on covers are here - as promised!

Posted on November 08, 2013 by Serge Pylkovas | 3 Comments

People find more and more uses for Strotter cases and bags. Some of them are really unexpected. Just like our products.

Platforma iPad bag demoed at CE Week NYC

We already wrote about teachers using Across iPad cases in classrooms to control interactive whiteboards (Promethean boards)… We get more and more orders from and for sales personnel in retail stores, engineers and architects, field survey folks of all sorts, doctors and nurses.

Recently we found out that our iPad cases are helping special needs students, autistic kids – they use iPads to communicate. Across is exactly what they were looking for, we have been told.

We recently sent a case to a teacher who could only use one arm. The Across case with its strap made it possible for her to use the iPad when not sitting at a desk.  We were happy to hear she was very happy with the case. Said it worked really well in the classroom.

Another interesting use of the case was suggested by a pilot of a commercial airline. He uses iPad in the cockpit. Using a special wire holder the Across is hung by its grommets on the chart holder.

As always, your feedback is welcome. If you want us to make some changes to the design, do tell.

Update on cases and bags for the newest iPad Air

Platforma: Available for preorder now! (Update 11/18: already here and available for purchase). 

We are expecting the plastic snap-on shells/covers next week. Estimated shipping date for pre-orders is November 18. We will keep you posted. Subscribe to the mailing list at the bottom of the page, if you have not already. Like us on FB, too. We do not send junk, promise.

Across for iPad Air and the Mini:  not yet.  Will take some time. Do not want to make promises. Again, will keep you posted.

iPad carrying case Across shown at CE Week NYC

FINALLY: Across for iPad Air is available for pre-order

Across is Education? Yes!

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Donald McFarland
Donald McFarland

November 14, 2013

snap-on shells for iPad Air.


November 08, 2013

Working on it, John. Signm up for the newsletter / like us on FB, we will keep you posted.

John Ellsworth
John Ellsworth

November 08, 2013

I’m looking forward to your producing an Across for the iPad air. Thanks, John

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