10 Business & Productivity Apps for Your iPad

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Technology has simplified the workplace. We can now take our work on the go, look up information in a matter of seconds and hold a filing cabinet worth of papers in the palm of our hands. Technology is great, but optimizing our technology is better.

Working on iPad pro 12.9 wrapped in hands free case from Strotter

At Strotter we've already increased productivity by creating innovative, user-friendly, hands-free bags and iPad cases like the Platforma and Across that allow busy workers to conduct business during their morning commutes or on a job site.

Knowing the best programs and tools available can positively impact our productivity and work levels even more. Work with an iPad? Here are the ten business and productivity apps for your iPad that you have to download right now to spike business:

PDF Expert

PDF Expert allows you to read, edit and annotate PDF files and sign and fill out PDF Forms on your iPad. While there are a number of PDF editing alternatives, PDF Expert beat out its competitors like PDFpen, Adobe Reader, GoodReader and more when tested by The Sweet Setup for import speed, in-app speed, compatibility, redacting, highlighting, adding text and noting PDFs, exporting, re-ordering pages, merging and organizing documents and syncing PDF documents between devices/services. It gets our vote too.


Evernote has become popular with everyone from students to freelancers, but it isn’t without good reason. Both individual workers and teams can benefit from Evernote. Teams can collaborate in one place while working together and receiving and giving feedback. Individuals can keep images, files and web searches in one place, syncing the files across all devices. Don’t enjoy the Evernote interface? OneNote is a great note-taking alternative.

Scanner Pro

Keeping important files for your records? Forwarding a contract? Saving receipts for business expenses? Whatever the situation, Scanner Pro allows you to easily take your paper documents and upload them to your iPad as a digital copy.


Do you ever feel like simple tasks are taking up a lot of your time? If you do, Workflow may be the answer you need. With the slogan “Spend less taps, get more done,” this app automates and simplifies your life, allowing you to spend more time on tasks that matter. With Workflow you can set up shortcuts to get directions to the next event on your calendar, send a “running late” message or create a voice memo reminder that automatically gets sent to your to-do list. The ability to customize this app to your needs makes it a valuable tool for any busy worker that spends a lot of time on their iPad.

Google Sheets and Google Docs

A word processor and spreadsheet creator are business must-haves. Google Docs and Google Sheets make sharing your files with coworkers or clients much simpler. These applications also have an advantage over other programs because they are free. More of a traditionalist? Try Microsoft Office for iOS. In comparison to Google Docs, Microsoft Word has more advanced features, but it comes at a price. One or the other is generally necessary - which one you choose depends on your priorities.

OmniPlan 3

OmniPlan 3 is a project management app. If you have complex projects, OmniPlan will help you visualize the flow and tasks needed to complete the project. You can even track the start date/time, end date/time and the duration of each task, creating a timeline for your project. Other features of this app include monte carlo simulations and earned value analysis.


Trello is another, very different project management app. With Trello you can create cards for each individual project you are a part of. You can add your team to that card, and the team is able to discuss the project on that card. Each card can contain a checklist, comments, due dates, attachments and more. Your team has never been more informed.


Weekdone allows you to set goals and objectives for you and your team. With Weekdone you set quarterly objectives, weekly to-do’s, track progress and leave feedback. You can see what everyone in the company is accomplishing at the press of a button.


Tracking hours and expenses and creating invoices has never been easier. OfficeTime handles all three in one easy interface. It’s as simple as that. No more loose papers. No more messy documents. Other helpful features include syncing with your Apple calendar, summary graphs and quick access from your menu bar.

Focus Booster

Lastly, if your own productivity is wavering, try Focus Booster. Focus Booster is a personal productivity app based on the pomodoro technique, which is the idea that you should work in short intervals (traditionally 25 minutes) and then take short breaks in between “pomodoros.” Focus Booster allows you to set an un-pausable timer to work quickly and without distractions. The app conveniently creates timesheets of your short sessions compiled as well.

With the App Store overwhelming with different applications, it can be hard to find what you need. You can spend hours scrolling through the options. That’s why we’ve hand-picked these ten programs to help you optimize your business and increase your productivity. See? Even finding this article saved you time.

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