Our smart ipad cases and messenger bags will change the way you carry and use your tablet!

ACROSS hands-free iPad case

Hands-free iPad case Across from Strotter

What is this about? Introducing  ACROSS and PLATFORMA -  two products that allow you to work on your iPad tablet while standing up - hands free. By hands free we mean using both hands to operate the device. The iPad is cleverly suspended, you do not have to hold it. "Free your hands", as our slogan says. ACROSS is a super slim case, and PLATFORMA is a convertible vertical messenger bag. You can wear both as backpacks, too. The transformation takes two seconds. You have to watch the videos to understand how our bags and cases work. You will be surprised. Promise.

Who uses our products? Our customers are frequent travelers, commuters of all kinds, medical professionals, students, teachers, photographers, journalists, motorcyclists, pilots, survey and field personnel, sales staff, real estate agents, home inspectors, property appraisers, etc. - anyone who needs a convenient carry option, instant access, an ability to use the tablet without a desk, and a "preventive protection" of a suspended case. 

PLATFORMA iPad messenger bag

leather messenger bag for iPad Platforma from Strotter

We are starting to ship Acrosses for iPad Air today!
March 20, 2014

I apologize for the lack of updates. We were super-busy with production, plus the Internet in China is restricted, slow, and unreliable. Facebook is blocked. This is a quick post. Please read this carefully, especially if you pre-ordered the Across for...

FINALLY: Across for iPad Air is available for pre-order
February 06, 2014


As before, the new Across will be available in two options: genuine leather (GL) and a more affordable synthetic leather version (SL). Right now the prices are $99 and $59 respectively.  They may go up a bit after the official launch.

Our iPad cases are solving real life problems. Update on iPad Air (11/18): Snap-on covers are here - as promised!
November 08, 2013

People find more and more uses for Strotter hands-free tablet cases and bags. Some of them are really unexpected. Just like our products...

Hands-free iPad messenger bag in use


Across is Education? Yes!
September 17, 2013

Looks like our Across (the hands-free iPad carrying case) is gaining momentum not only with students, but also with teachers. We have been approached by the folks from Florida and Minnesota. The Across case may be great in combination with iPad for controlling the Promethean whiteboard in classrooms. 

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